Blue Eyed Grass in Elyria Canyon Park

Sunday, March 11, 2012
This morning, Mt Washington Beautification Committee Co-Chairs Clare Marter Kenyon and Daniel Marlos made an impromptu trip to Elyria Canyon Park to water plants that were put in several weeks ago at the inaugural planting for the Butterfly Garden.  While watering deerweed, California sunflowers and California black walnut seedlings, Daniel noticed some lovely blue flowers he suspected were Blue Eyed Grass.

Blue Eyed Grass

Daniel told Clare he had a surprise for her and he led her to the spot in the area below the road and above Winmar Street.  This heretofore unknown patch of Blue Eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium bellum, a member of the iris family, became the focus of the rest of the morning.  Clumps of Blue Eyed Grass were tagged with pink tape and invasive grasses were weeded from around them.

Blue Eyed Grass

Clare explained that this native has been lost in many parts of the park where it once grew wild, and there was a discussion about staking off the area to prevent habitat loss during annual brush clearance.  There was also a discussion about trying to relocate some clumps of Blue Eyed Grass to areas where it once grew.  A future work party should be devoted to this activity.  Since neither Clare nor Daniel thought to bring a camera, a special trip needed to take place later in the day solely to take some photos to document the momentous discovery.  More information on Blue Eyed Grass can be found on the Cal Flora website.

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