February Work Parties: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February

Planting the Butterfly Garden
On Saturday February 25, Beautification Committee members and other volunteers showed up at the Red Barn and started work on the Butterfly Garden.

Daniel, Julian, Mark, Sean, Kathy and Carol plant milkweed. Photo by Clare

Six Narrow Leaved Milkweed plants were planted in the meadow and they were protected by gopher baskets.  Deerweed was also planted.  both plants act as larval food plants for various species of butterflies and the flowers of the milkweed are also a nectar source.  It will be some time before these plants begin to thrive and attract the butterflies they are targeted to do, but visitors in the park can currently be greeted by some other nectar producing plants that are blooming naturally in the park, including our native Elderberry shrubs.  The Beautification Committee is about to begin a second day of work in the park.  Please show up and join us.  To be continued …

Elderberry Blossoms in Elyria Canyon Park


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