January 29 Work Party: Girl Scouts plant native bunch grass

Girl Scouts plant Bunch Grass

Beautification Committee member Lynnette Kampe has been working with local girl scouts for several years in an effort to cultivate native bunch grasses in areas where they already exist in the hopes of increasing the population.  Lynnette explained to the girl scouts the importance of using locally gathered seeds so that plants that are best adapted to our local conditions can perpetuate their gene pool in Elyria Canyon Park.

Lynnette points out Bunch Grass planted last year

Lynnette was very proud to point out the Bunch Grass that was planted last year that is now thriving and will most likely produce additional seeds to increase the population on a south facing slope that is the ideal habitat for the native grass that is being crowded out by non-native grasses that compete for water, nourishment and light.  The success of plantings from previous years is incentive to continue this program that involves local girl scouts taking ownership over the stewardship of our treasured open space park.

Girl Scouts and their family members

Thanks to the enthusiasm of family members that accompanied the girl scouts, this Bunch Grass planting party had no shortage of volunteers.

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