Walnut seedlings are sprouting

January 14, 2012
The regular work party for December was rescheduled for the winter solstice since the fourth Sunday was a holiday.  On December 21, Beautification volunteers planted several dozen endangered California Black Walnut Tree seedlings that were germinated the previous winter and nurtured in pots in the nursery at the Red Barn in Elyria Canyon Park through the hot and dry summer months.

Julian, Kathy and Clare after planting walnut sprouts on the winter solstice.

Since this is an especially dry winter, today, January 14, 2012, Clare and Daniel decided to check on the yearling trees that were placed in the ground in various locations in the park.  Annual grasses are sprouting so we had a difficult time finding the foot tall yearlings which might have been impossible but for the fluorescent orange and pink tagging tape.  The great news is that all the trees seem to be budding, an indication that the transplantation was successful.  Each sapling was given a gallon of water to supplement the morning dew, the only precipitation we have had in weeks.

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