Weeding and Planting Party This Sunday: Red Barn 9:30 AM

If you aren’t doing anything Sunday, August 28, 2011 from 9:30 to 11:30, come on down to the Red Barn.
We need help planting and caring for native plants in the nursery including complimentary potted walnuts, one per household.
More adventurous volunteers might want to head to various other parts of the park and learn to identify and remove invasive, exotic weeds.


Visit Theodore Payne Foundation if you want to buy butterfly attracting native blooms.

Visit What’s That Bug? for more information on insects that like milkweed.

Update:  Which Bumble Bee is it?
Location:  Elyria Canyon State Park, Mt Washington, Los Angeles, California
August 13, 2011
WE keep returning to the Milkweed Meadow to document the progress there, and the Monarch Caterpillars have both vanished.  The Bumble Bee is usually there during the time the sun strikes the blooms, but we are still not certain if this is Crotch’s Bumble Bee or the California Bumble Bee.

Which Bumble Bee is it???

We also noticed numerous tiny beetles on the milkweed blossoms.

Bumble Bee and Soft Winged Flower Beetles on Milkweed

July 31, 2011
Each month, on the fourth Sunday of the month, the Mt Washington Beautification Committee, co-hosted by Clare Marter Kenyon and Daniel Marlos, meets at 9:30 AM near the Red Barn in Elyria Canyon State Park.  Clare takes the lead with native plant germination in the nursery and Daniel goes out weeding in areas that need special attention.  This month the weeds that were targeted were invasive Conyza and an unidentified yellow thistle type plant.  Daniel is especially concerned about invasive weeds crowding out the native milkweed.  Elizabeth is seen pulling weeds from around the milkweed.

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